Terms and Conditions
Terms used in relation to Reward Programme
• PNB means Punjab National Bank
• Card holder means PNB’s Credit Card holder;
• Card/s mean valid PNB’s Credit Card/s;
• Delinquent Card means, a card which is   overdue, or on which prescribed limit has been exceeded, or is in the process of   cancellation etc;
• The Programme is called PNB’s Reward Programme;
• Points are reward points   awarded under the programme.
Points Accrual
• PNB will award 1 point for every Rs.100 worth of domestic/ international purchases of goods/ services. Points will not be accrued on charges that are subsequently reversed. PNB at its sole discretion, may also award points for any other transactions either for a specific period or for specific situations/promotional schemes. ‘Corporate Credit Card with Corporate liability’ will not be eligible for the reward points through any promotion.

• Points will not be awarded to Cardholders towards transactions involving cash advances and fees such as entrance fee, annual fee, supplementary card fee, multiple card fee, balance transfers, cash advance fee, charges for dishonored cheques, financial charges, delinquency charges, late payment, collection charges and any other fee or charges levied by the bank, balance transfers, purchase of petrol, cash withdrawals, charge transactions.

• The above list of transactions may be modified by PNB at its discretion under intimation to the Cardholder. Points will accrue to the individual card accounts in the case of eligible primary and add-on-cards.

• Points accrued by add-on-cards will automatically accrue to the primary card account on which the add-on-cards are issued and not to any other card account.

• If any card in a credit card account - be it a primary or add-on card subsequently becomes a delinquent card, PNB reserves the right to withhold the outstanding points as long as the card account remains a delinquent card. The points cannot be redeemed when a card is a delinquent card, or if the card has been temporarily blocked from usage due to fraud/loss/theft or in case of usage of the card over the assigned credit limit. On the card account being regularized, at the discretion of PNB, the points may be reinstated for redemption.

• In the event the PNB Card is voluntarily closed by the Cardholder, the Points accumulated on his/her PNB Card can be redeemed within 6 months of closure, otherwise these will automatically lapse. In the event of cancellation of the PNB Card for any other reason, all the Points accumulated will stand forfeited.

• No accumulation or carry over or redemption of points will be permissible, if on the relevant date any card, be it a primary or add-on- card has been withdrawn or closed or cancelled or reinstated or is liable to be cancelled/ withdrawn because it has turned delinquent or on any breach of the terms and conditions of the card holder agreement.

• The points will lapse in the event that such a card account is closed either voluntarily by the Cardholder or by the bank at its discretion whether or not the card holder dues are cleared. Should the card account be reinstated either by the card holder or by PNB, the card holder will not get the benefit of any points accrued prior to cancellation or withdrawal or closure of the card account.

• If the PNB Card is blocked or suspended by the issuing bank (PNB) for any reason whatsoever, then the Points accumulated shall stand forfeited but may be reinstated at the discretion of the bank if use of PNB Card is reinstated.

• Points accrued can be redeemed for monetary value and will be credited to cardholder account on request. Notwithstanding this, points can be used to settle annual fees (if applicable) towards card account provided the account is in good standing (i.e. is not overdue or not over credit limit or not in collection) at the time of such settlement, if so permitted by PNB. A Cardholder cannot transfer any points to another person.
• Primary as well as add-on-card accounts must be in good standing (i.e. not overdue or not over credit limit or not in collection) and not cancelled or terminated by PNB or the card holder at the time of a redemption request.

• The points are redeemable only as featured in the PNB Credit Card rewards Programme and/or as intimated from time to time by PNB under the programme.

• Redemption orders from card holders once given to PNB cannot be cancelled or withdrawn or changed.

• On redemption, the points would automatically be subtracted from the accumulated points in the card holder's account.

• On receiving the request for redemption, the value of redemption points will be credited to the cardholder account and the same will reflect in the next monthly statement of the cardholder.

• The points once exchanged for any other partner loyalty programme cannot be transferred back or cancelled.

• If a Cardholder does not have a sufficient number of points for redemption, the request for redemption will be deemed cancelled.

• Primary Cardholders may convert the points to any participating partners' programme launched from time to time subject to the specific terms and conditions of the partner's programme.

• PNB assumes no responsibility for points converted into a participating partners' programme or otherwise wherever applicable.

• Any tax or other liabilities or charges payable to the government of India or any other authority or body or any other participating establishment which may arise or accrue to the card holder by redemption as aforesaid or otherwise as a result of this scheme shall be to the sole account of card holder.
Terms and Conditions
• PNB reserves the right to change and modify the terms and conditions at any point in time without prior notice to Cardholders.

• PNB also reserves the right to modify wholly or in part this programme by any other programme or terminate the programme at any time without any prior notice to the card holders.

• This scheme is entirely voluntary and it is understood that all charges are voluntarily incurred by a card holder in the normal course of card usage. The terms and conditions shall be in addition to and not in substitution / derogation to the rules and regulations governing the use of PNB Credit Card.

• Nothing therein amounts to a commitment or representation by PNB to continue this programme or conduct further similar or other schemes.

• Computation of the points by PNB shall be final, conclusive and binding on Card holders and will not be liable to be disputed or questioned.

• All disputes, if any, arising out of or in connection, with or as a result of this PNB rewards programme, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts /tribunals at New Delhi.

• In the case of a disputed transaction being resolved in favor of the card holder and / or where a transaction is reversed, the equivalent points will also be reversed.